Hugs from Heaven are safe, plush in the likeness of Jesus and Mother Mary. They’re ideal for babies, children and believers of all ages.

These pillow dolls provide reassurance and security. They help toddlers fall asleep and take naps. They help children develop their faith and learn to pray. They help remind adults of God’s presence and love always.

Cause who better to turn to for comfort than Jesus or Mother Mary?


our founder

Hugs from Heaven - a doll company for believers, was founded by a south Louisiana Catholic wife and mom of four, Julie Marceaux Romero. She was inspired by her own real-life experience when her brother Chad went through life-threatening transplant surgeries at Mercy Medical Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the operations, Julie prayed in the chapel, wishing for the Lord’s physical presence to hold and comfort her. In this moment, she received a clear vision from Jesus to create a “hug from heaven” - a soft pillow doll in His image.  

In 2017, Julie sold the Hugs From Heaven brand to a fellow south Louisiana native, customer and friend, Jennifer Angelle. Now, Jennifer and her family are taking these beloved characters beyond Louisiana, expanding across the country and sharing Hugs around the world.

“Sharing HUGS is our answer to Saint Pope John Paul II’s call for New Evangelization. With each sale, we give back a portion of our income to those in need like the Sisters of Life in New York City, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù (Baby Jesus Children’s Hospital) Rome, Italy, Don Bosco Center for Youth, St. Martinville, LA and others that our family encounter who may need a HUG.  We believe that when you get a hug, you should hug back! And we love the fact that each plush replica of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary have a heart monogrammed on their chest to serve as a reminder of GOD’S COMFORT, GOD’S PRESENCE, GOD’S MERCY but most of all GOD’S LOVE! Pray with us “Jesus, I trust in you!” and share a hug today!   

Blessings + Love + Hugs,




Hugs from Heaven make an ideal present for any number of gift-giving occasions. They're ideal for both happy celebrations and moments of grief. Here are just a few ideas: 


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